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March 2014 UPDATE
My Brother's Hope Disaster

The Free Store is Temporarily Closed

After so many months of hard work, and countless volunteer hours, the pipes above the free store froze and broke, causing a lot of water damage. Fortunately, no one was injured.

If you are willing to help, please make a donation, and you can use the PayPal link to the left. ANY donation amount would be greately appreciated.

If you know anyone who would be willing to make a donation, please pass along and share our web site link with others:

You can help us by making a donation or sending us a note of encouragement, or letting us know of any resources that could help.

The free store is temporiarly closed. We are staying positive, praying and trusting God to lead us through this. Alcona county has been faithful to us over the last 5 years in their encouragement, donations, prayers and support, and I know that will continue.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

About My Brother's Hope, Inc

Mission Statement
My Brother's Hope, Inc. seeks to empower each of us to move past our individual and collective barriers into the arms of Christ, to serve the needs Christ presents to us, and to reveal the face of Christ within each of us. Just as the woman who washed Jesus' feet with her tears and her hair, we are committed to Matthew 25:35, and to live in communion as the flesh and blood of Jesus Christ, feeding each other with hope.

How long as My Brother's Hope Inc., been in Alcona County?
My Brother's Hope, Inc., was founded in October of 2008 by Susan Armstrong and an ecumenical group representing various churches and organization in Alcona County Michigan.

What is the purpose of My Brother's Hope, Inc.?
My Brother's Hope, Inc., is a 501C3, non profit organization. As such, our purpose is:
  • To provide resources for individuals and families in need.
  • Monthly dispersal of clothing, personal care and household items.
  • Serving a free meal twice each month to residents of Alcona County.
  • Providing resources, referrals and information within Alcona County.

    What communities are served by My Brother's Hope, Inc.?
    All of Alcona County including Barton City, Black River, Curran, Glennie, Greenbush, Harrisville, most of Hubbard Lake, Killmaster, Lincoln, Mikado, and Spruce.

    When is My Brother's Hope Open?
    Monthly distribution "Free Store" is the 2nd Saturday of each month in conjunction with the Alcona County Food Pantry at the United Methodist Church in Harrisville, Michigan.

    Potluck Café
    The Potluck Café is a free simple meal scheduled twice each month for all residents of Alcona County, Michigan. There is no charge but monetary donations of any amount are gratefully accepted.

  •    2nd Saturday of each month at the United Methodist Church in Harrisville, Michigan, at the same time as the Free Store and Food Pantry.

  •    4th Friday of each month, (except in December), at Saint Raphael's Catholic Church, Mikado, Michigan from 11am to 1pm. This date does not include the "Free Store".

    How do the bills get paid?
    My Brother's Hope, Inc., is a non-profit organization. Charitable donations are received from churches, civic groups, foundations and businesses who donate money for operation and maintenance costs.

    Your tax deductible donation can be made online through PayPal, click this LINK, or by check, sent directly to My Brother's Hope, Inc., at the following address:
    My Brother's Hope, Inc.
    P.O. Box 205
    Harrisville, Michigan 48740

    Please make checks payable to: My Brother's Hope, Inc.
    You will receive a tax deductible receipt. May God bless you for your generosity!

    Who governs My Brother's Hope, Inc.?
    My Brother's Hope, Inc., is governed by a volunteer board of directors who represent a variety of denominations and vocations.

    Does My Brother's Hope, Inc., provide equal opportunity to people?
    My Brother's Hope, Inc., accepts all people without discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, age, national origin, or handicaps.